2011 Reunion in Corpus Christi, Texas
September 29 thru October 2
L-R: Rusty McClellen, Chris Fouts, Joe Trampell, Jim Reeves, Billy Richards, Silvester Mireles, Ron Efurd,
Cleveland Beasley, Jim Williamson, Richard Beaulieu, George Judkins, Dave Rohe, Joe MacFarlane,
Henry Park, Ron Pelke, Dale Bare, Richard Hamill, Robert Woodard, Bill Owens, Charley Adair
Sharon Richards, Deana McClellan, Judy Bare, Diana Fouts, Mary Williams, Dee Carter, Adela Mireles, Irene Judkins,
Shirley MacFarlane, Mary Ann Park, Coral Woodard, Sylvia Beaulieu, Mary Rohe, Becky Hamill, Pam Trampell,
Debbie Reeves, Ginger Adair
The 2011 reunion in Corpus Christi was a great time for all. On Friday we did a tour of the museum ship USS Lexington CVA 16. The rest of the time we were on our own. Some went to the state aquarium, some went to the Naval Air Station, and many just enjoyed visiting in the hospitality room. At our annual meeting, we voted to keep the same officers for another year. We voted to have the 2012 reunion in San Diego, Ca. Beulieus and Woodards will be making plans for that one. We also voted to have the 2015 reunion in Ogden, Utah on the 50th anniversary of the USS Ogden commissioning in June. A big thank you goes out to Sid and Michelle Stovall for setting up a great reunion this year.
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This Is A List Of Those Who Attended
Charley & Ginger Adair, Roland Almendarez, Dale & Judy Bare, Cleveland Beasely, Richard & Sylvia Beaulieu,
John & Becky Bogle, Ron & Arlene Efurd, Cynthia Factor, Chris & Diana Fouts, Richard & Becky Hamill,
Michael & Francesca Jackson, George & Irene Judkins, Joe & Shirley MacFarlane, Rusty & Deana McClellen,
Silvester & Adela Mireles, Bob Nelson, Bill Owens & Dee Carter, Henry & Mary Park, Ron Pelke,
Doug & Kathie Proffitt, Jim & Debbie Reeves, Billy & Sharon Richards, Dave & Mary Rohe,
Sid & Michelle Stovall, Joe & Pam Trampel, Jim & Mary Williamson, Robert & Coral Woodard