Major Lee Golden

Major Lee Golden, born in 1930 in Seattle Washington to parents, Artber Lee Golden and Connie Newdahl. His father was a Navy man and at the age of nine months old his parents moved to Shreveport, Louisianna.
In 1948, Major joined the Navy just like his dad before him and was first stationed on the U.S.S. Kaskaskia a fleet tanker that traveled around the world.
The love of guns and shooting came early for Major, starting in high school when he joined ROTC and was a member of their rifle team during 1945-1946.
In 1954, he was stationed at the special Weapons Naval Base in Clarksville, Tennessee. Because of having that ROTC background under his belt and his strong interest in weapons, he was invited to join the Naval Base Rifle Team. Soon after this he entered a match on Armed Forces Day with shooters from all branches including the Army, Navy and Marines and won first place.
In 1959, Major’s assignment was on the D.S.S. Vermillion AKA 107, with a homeport in Norfolk. There he competed in the Fifth Naval District Rifle and Pistol Match. Once more placing first place got him in the Atlantic Fleet Matches. Here Major took second place, however, won him the right to compete in the Navy Matches in San Diego; where then he scored high enough to go into the Naval Rifle Team.
Major’s pistol competition days began in 1960. In 1963, he won the Wisconsin Bullseye Pistol Match, and in 1964, Major won the Illinois Bullseye Pistol Match.
Retirement from the Navy came in 1968 for Major after serving 20 years. He immediately was employed by the U.S. Border Patrol and competed as a Border Patrol shooter from 1968-1988.
In 1979, Major won the Texas Silhouette Pistol Match. In 1984, Major won the NRA National Long Range Silhouette Championship in Raton, New Mexico.
In 1986 and in 1987, Major won the New Mexico Silhouette Pistol Matches. And won the .22 Caliber National Championship at Raton, New Mexico, (1987).
In 1988 Major retired again after another 20 years, this time from the Border Patrol. The following year, 1989, Major and his wife, Kathy, moved to Tombstone, Arizona.
Then shortly after that he joined the Wild Bunch and Kathy joined the Hell’s Belles and they both participated in the reinactment of the shootout at the OK Corral, where Major portrayed Sheriff Behan.
In 1990, Major won the Fifteenth Anniversary Silhouette Pistol Match. In 1993, he won the Arizona Silhouette Pitol Match.
Major Lee Golden’s accomplishments are far more than any person can imagine, but yet he has placed seven times in the World Championship Silhouette Annual Pistol Matches. Placing either first, second or third every time he competed. In 1984 won the NRA National Long Range Silhouette Championship. Won the 1997 .22 Caliber National Championship.
In 2005, Major won the World’s Championship 3 Gun Standing Revolver using all Rugers, .22, .357 magnum, and .44 magnum.
In 2006, Major Lee Golden at the age now of 76 won this World Championship again proving age doesn’t make you old, it’s just a number and if you want something bad enough, anything is possible with the right determination and discipline. Major Lee Golden has won more that 800 trophies and 200 medals. He even turned his garage into a closed room which houses all these treasures like a museum. He was in the Wild Bunch for 17 years and was able to meet many Western movie actors and get autograph photo’s with them to add to his collection of western memorabilia.
A great man, the best shooter in the world, everyone’s friend, and someone never to be forgotten. A Legend in his own time. We Love you Sweetheart/Dad/Grandpa always and forever.
1930 - 2014