The reunion, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, was a huge success. It was well attended and there was plenty to do. There were many things to see that are a big part of our history. The Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetery was a very special part of our tour. There were a few new faces this year. In the near future there will be more pictures and notes from the reunion.

Next year our reunion will be in Corpus Christi, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. The reunion in Corpus Christi will be held Sepember 29th thru October 1st, 2011. Make plans to attend. Begin now to look for things to sell at our silent auction next year.
2010 Reunion at
Arlington, Va.
Sept. 2,3,4,5
Plank Owners: Seated (l-r), Mike Hitchcock, Jim Hunter, George Judkins, Joe MacFarlane, Michael Jackson
Standing, Jim Williamson, Dave Rohe, Richard Beaulieu
(l-r) Row 1: Bill Owens, Ron Efurd, Rodney Townsend, Michael Jackson, Robert Woodard
Row 2: Lew Morgan, Bobby Adair, Mike Hitchcock, Jim Hunter, George Judkins, Joe MacFarlane,
Jim Reeves, Loren Argall, Mike Pankake
Row 3: Charley Adair, Jim Ives, Carl Flick, Jim Williamson, Dave Rohe, Richard Beaullieu, Bob Emswiler,
Ken Goddard, Wes Abernathy, Wayne Burch
(l-r) Row 1: Frances Jackson, Coral Woodard, Anne Flick, Betty Hitchcock, Carolee Townsend,
Mary Williamson, Sylvia Beaulieu, Mary Rohe
Row 2: Irene Judkins, Linda Morgan, Shirley MacFarlane, Ginger Adair, Lois Emswiler, Debbie Reeves, Jane Pankake, Toni Argall, Kathee Hunter