The USS OGDEN is named for the City of Ogden, Utah. The principal elements of the seal of the City of Ogden are a beehive mounted on a stand, and a number of bees flying about the hive which is flanked by two flowers. A circle encloses these elements on which "City of Ogden" is inscribed. The ship's insigne utilizes these elements in a symbolic way to depict OGDEN's mission.The ship, like a beehive, is the center of activity and industry, a self-contained and self-sufficient unit.The flower in the ring encircling the elements of the insigne is taken from the seal of the City of Ogden. It is used symbolically to represent the ship's peaceful intentions. Through the use of her boats and helicopters she is able to perform missions of mercy and aid those in need. The bee on the opposite side of the circle is also taken from the seal and represents the ship's ability to strike an opponent swiftly when provoked.The lightning bolt has long been symbolic of power and speed and represents OGDEN's ability to bring her power to a precise point quickly. It also shows OGDEN's air and surface capability facing the opposing lightning bolt which serves to symbolize the U. S. Navy's willingness to face great adversity.The crossed anchor and rifle represents the Navy-Marine Corps Team of which OGDEN is proud to be a member.
The Meaning of the Insigne